Printing white cards or inductions cards made easy. Simple to use printers that allow instant issuance of site induction cards. Print accreditations for Construction Induction Training Cards on or off site. Cards printed in seconds.

Induction White card printers.

To aid working safely in Australia, accreditation is required. Government Registered Training Organisations can produce a 'white card' that has the persons attained competency standards printed on the card.

InteractCard supplies card printers to these organisations.

Printer for Worksite competency cards.

Induction cards.

In Australia all states and territories have agreed to implement the National Code of Practice for Induction for Construction Work which has been declared by Safe Work Australia.

The result is a nationally consistent approach to construction induction training given to workers across Australia. It will also means that White Cards / CITCs from any Australian state or territory are recognised nationally.

Easy to use Card Printers

InteractCard supply the worlds leading brand in ID card printers.
Evolis card printers.
Evolis Distributor in Australia InteractCard.

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Which printer is best for white card printing for RTO's

Zenius White card printer.

Zenius ID Card Printer,
single side printing colour or monochrome printing.

Easy to set up and use.
Works with PC and MAC.

Primacy RTO competency card printer.

Primacy ID Card Printer,
dual side printing in colour or monochrome.

Benchmark for white card printing. PC and MAC drivers supplied.

ID card accessories.
ID Card Accessories,
including lanyards, clips, reels, card holders, signature pads