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'White Card', 'Blue Card', 'Green Card' are terms used to describe the plastic card issued by a Registered Training Organisation indicating that a person has undertaken general induction saftey training to access a site or workplace. InteractCard supply RTOs across Australia with Induction Card printers.

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Card Printers for RTO

InteractCard's range of plastic card printers cover all requirements for RTOs to fulfil the production of their Construction Induction cards upon successful completion of course. Registered Training Organisations across Australia print white cards / construction inductions cards using one of our simple to use white card printers. Instant issuance of site induction safety compliance cards are easily achieved with evolis plastic card printers. Print accreditations for Construction Induction Training Cards on or off site. Safety Cards OHS (Occupational Health and Safety cards) printed in seconds.

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Printing OHS White Card for RTO's

To aid implementation of working safety practises in Australia, accreditation is required in many industries. Government Registered Training Organisations (RTO) can produce a 'white card' that has the persons attained competency standards printed on the card.

InteractCard supplies card printers to these organisations.


Construction Induction cards

In Australia all states Victoria (VIC), New South Wales (NSW) South Australia (SA), Western Australia (WA), Tasmania (TAS) and Northern Territory (NT), Australian Capital Territory (ACT), have agreed to implement the National Code of Practice for Induction for Construction Work which has been declared by Safe Work Australia for Work Health and Safety (OHS) compliance.

The result is a nationally consistent approach to construction induction training given to workers across Australia. It will also means that White Cards, Blue Cards, Green Cards/ CITCs from any Australian state or territory are recognised nationally.

Please note:
InteractCard does not issue white cards. We supply card printers to the Registered Training Organisations that do. If you need a White card for work, please contact a Registered Training Organisation in your area.

Choose the right printer for Induction card issuance

Do you need to print on both sides of the Induction card?

If your Induction cards have the same generic information on one side of the card and the volume of cards to be printed is low, you can save money by running a batch of cards through the Zenius plastic card printer. Once the generic information is printed on one side, simply flip the cards over and print the variable induction data on the other side.

Alternatively, if the printable card data varies on both sides of the card, then the Primacy2 Duplex and Avansia Retransfer printers would be the preferred choice.

Is a construction induction card a white card?

The general construction induction training card was previously known as a white card. When you successfully complete your induction training course via a Registered Training Organisation, you will receive a construction induction card, which is also known as a white card.

Which Printer is best for Registered Training Organisations (RTO)?

There are a number of criteria that need to be asked to help decide which card printer is ideal for your RTO Induction Card requirements;

1. Volume of Induction cards required to be printed in a given period
2. How long do the Induction cards remain valid for i.e. environmental durability
3. Data to be applied to Induction card, single side or double side
4. Level of card security 

The most popular card printers supplied to Registered Training Organisations are;

- Zenius
- Primacy2
- Primacy + Lamination
- Avansia Retransfer

Zenius shadow

Zenius ID Card Printer

Evolis Zenius plastic card printer is a cost effective full colour ID Badge card printer. Windows and Apple MAC compatible

Primacy 2 ID Card Printer

Evolis Primacy2 plastic card printer prints full-colour ID cards and can personalise pre-printed cards. Upgrade to dual side card printing and encoder options.

Primacy Lamination Card Printer

Primacy Lamination Card printer system is ideal for ID plastic card printer encoding laminating your cards with or without holograms.
Avansia ID Retransfer Printer

Avansia - Help Videos

Help videos for using the Avansia Retransfer ID card printers. Maintain and service the printer yourself


Card Design Software

ID Plastic Card design software for Inductions card RTO applications

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evolis plastic ID card printer range

RTO Industry choice

Full range of evolis card printers used by many RTOs across Australia

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