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Efficiently create and customize all your price tags
Edikio Price Tag Card

Edikio Price Tag Software has exclusive "Edikio Chalk" font imitating chalk writing

Edikio Price Tag Steak 150x50
Edikio Salmon 120x50 Price tag

All-in-one view - Edikio Price Tag software allows you to access both your card design and your product list at a glance. The information from your database is available at the bottom of your screen and any modification in this database is applied in real time to your tag

Product categories - Manage your products as you do in your store. The software provides you with categories and sub-categories for many types of activities to easily organize and retrieve your price labels

Visual footprint - When creating your card template, the software shows you the space occupied by the label media with a non-printed visual branding. It allows you to create your design while avoiding information to be hidden when placing your label on your stalls


More than 400 images to illustrate all activities and products, a library of 200 customizable label templates

Edikio Price Tag software: a simple tool for retailers

Included in Edikio Price Tag solutions for product labelling, Edikio Price Tag software offers you maximum flexibility to quickly create and customize price tags at your point of sale. Depending on your solution, your price tags are printed on a plastic support in credit card (85.6 x 54 mm) or long (120 x 50 mm and 150 x 50 mm) formats, in portrait or landscape mode, for a professional look in your store

Edikio by Evolis

Edikio Printer model




Software Edition




Template & image library

Exclusive ‘Edikio chalk’ handwriting font

All-In-One installation

Tag holder footprint

Import data from MS Excel + Graphical wizard

Auto Import function

Color document management

Lock function to prevent unwanted changes

Long cards management

Front & back side card design management

Multiple users management

Silent mode

Download Edikio Software
Print Price labels displaying all the necessary information to your customers

Whatever your type of business, the Edikio Price Tag software has a wide variety of content related to your activity to help create your desired Price tags and Ticket labels

Wine Bottle Tag design

Edikio Pizza Display Counter price tag

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