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Edikio Food Labels & Price Tag Printer

The Edikio printer is an innovative card-printing system that aims to make labelling products easier and optimise presentation through its range of solutions. These handy plastic card printers allow you to create labels and price tags in-house for your store, restaurant or hotel with style - without sacrificing convenience!

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Food Labels & Price tag Printer

The Edikio Food Label and Price Tag Printer by Evolis is a new purpose-driven printer range targeting plastic re-usable price tags for retail and the food industry. Design and print your own labels and price tags in-house.

Whether you’re an independent shopkeeper, department store manager, or supermarket manager you’ll be impressed by the ease of use and the performance of our food label and price tag printer solutions. The originality and quality of labels printed on plastic cards will enhance the brand and the professional look.

Edikio Buffet Card

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Print your own Food Labels and Price tags

Edikio offers two ranges of all-in-one solutions to let you design and print attractive labels quickly and easily while cutting costs, all from the comfort of your store or establishment:

  • Price tags with our Price Tag solutions aimed at stores
  • Display labels with our Edikio Guest solutions aimed at hotels and restaurants

Our packs include:

  • A printer: single-sided or double-sided printing on standard-size or long-size cards
  • Plastic card design and print software
  • A printer ribbon and PVC cards designed especially for the food trade
Edikio Price Tag - Bakery Cards

Need Price Tag / Ticket holders?

An extensive range of food safe ticket holders are available for purchase including;

Ticket pins
Magnetic Ticket stands
Ticket clamps
Ticket spikes
Bottle neck Display Tag holders

Food Safe Price Tags
Wine Bottle Tag
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