Buy online Cleaning Kits for plastic ID card printers


ACL001 Cleaning kit for card printer.


Cleaning kit,
Regular cleaning kit with
5 x adhesive cards and
5 x swabs.


ACL002 Advanced cleaning kit for card printers.


Advanced Cleaning Kit,
2 x pre-saturated 'T' cards,
2 x adhesive cards,
1 x cleaning pen
40 x cleaning cloths.

ACL003 Adheasive cards for printer cleaning.


Adhesive cards,
50 x adhesive cleaning cards.




ACL004 'T' Card cleaning card for card printers.


'T' Card Cleaning Kit,
10 x pre-saturated 'T' cleaning cards.

ACL006 Adheasive cleaning cards for Retransfer Printers.


Adhesive Card Kit,
Pack of 5 adhesive cleaning cards.

A5011 Regular cleaning kit.


Cleaning Kit,
5 x cleaning cards, 5 x cleaning swabs, 40x cleaning cloths.


A5002 pre-saturated Cleaning cards.


Cleaning cards,
Pack of 50 pre-saturated cleaning cards.

A5003 Cleaning swabs for print head.


Cleaning swabs,
Pack of 25 cleaning swabs.

A5004 Cleaning cloths


Cleaning cloths,
Pack of 40 cleaning cloths.

Cleaning Material - Part# ACL***

Cleaning material for Evolis new range of card printers: Zenius, Primacy & Elypso

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  • ACL002
  • ACL003
  • ACL004
  • ACL005

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Isopropanol cleaning kits for plastic ID card printers.

Cleaning Material - Part# A50**

Evolis Cleaning material for: Tattoo, TattooRW, Pebble, Dualys, Securion & Quantum printers

  • A5011
  • A5002
  • A5003
  • A5004
  • A5070