Avansia ID Card Printer - The premium re-transfer printer for high definition cards. Designed for heavy duty colour photo ID card issuance with 600 dpi print resolution allows for perfectly rendered micro-text & watermarks to be printed in high definition.

High Security ID cards

The Avansia ID card printer is suited for high security card printing. Producing high quality prints with over the edge finish.

Retransfer technology (reverse transfer) maximizes print quality with 600 dpi resolution. Over the edge printing with Evolis High Trust® consumables.

PDF link to Avansia card printer brochure.Avansia printer brochure

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Avansia ID card printer details...

How Retransfer card printing works.

The Avansia card printer has a built in flattener that applies pressure on the card to ensure a flat surface. Other retransfer printers that do not have a flattener can produce warped or bent cards.

How does Retransfer Technology Work?
The card is printed in two phases:

  1. The Card design is printed by Dye Sublimation on a transparent film.
  2. The printed film is then fused to the plastic card using a high temperature bonding method producing superb cards.

Increased productivity printing 140 single sided cards per hour, the high capacity card feeder tray can hold 250 cards and the printer consumables print 500 prints per roll so you can print your cards without interruption.

Robust build quality reflected in a 3 year warranty and life time warranty on the print head. The Avansia can print on all types of cards (PVC, PET, Polycarbonate, ABS etc..), including smart and contactless.

Multiple encoder options

The Evolis Avansia can be configured for many data encoding specifications: Magnetic stripe, contact and contactless smart cards. These encoding options can be combined in the factory.

Avansia Retransfer printer hopper.


  • Dual-sided printing (standard)
  • Reverse transfer printing
  • Over the edge printing
  • Colour dye sublimation and resin monochrome retransfer
  • 600 dpi print head (23.6 dots/mm)
  • Bitmap: 24 bits, R/G/B 256 level
  • Printout: Y/M/C 256 level
  • 64 MB of memory (RAM)

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