Buy 3in1 slot punch online. InteractCard supply a range of quality slot punches that suit the majority of requirement. Punch a round hole, elliptical hole or just clip off a piece of the card. Ship across Australia.

ID card slot punch

3in1 Slot punch with guide and multiple cut options.


3in1 Hole punch with 3 different hole styles

Hole Punch - 6.35 mm hole
Slot Punch - 3x14 mm slot
Corner cutter - 3.5 mm radius cut

Slot punch with guide.


Slot punch, standard + guide

In the style of a standard stapler,
with a slot size of 14 mm x 3 mm

Very popular

Ships from Melbourne Australia.

Economy Slot punch.


Slot punch with guide

Slot size of 14 mm x 3 mm
Compact and easy to use.