Black Flex Ribbon for personalising pre-printed plastic cards.

Apply black print to non standard plastic card.

This ribbon used to be known as the Black Wax ribbon. The new formula Black Flex Ribbon suits a range of plastic cards formats that other black ribbons cannot stick to. ABS and PVC as well as laminated plastic cards can be personalised with the Black Flex Ribbon.

You can post to us samples of the types of card you are looking to personalise and we will test them to make sure the Black Flex ribbon suits.

Card printers that use Black Flex Ribbon
part# RCT019NAA;

Card printers that use Black Flex Ribbon
part# R2229;

Black Flex Ribbon
part# RCT019NAA

Black Flex Ribbon part RCT019NAA.

Black Flex Ribbon for Pebble, Dualys and Quantum printers,
part# R2229

R2229 Black flex ribbon.

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