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Evolis half panel ribbons for personalising pre-printed cards

With a focus on efficiency Evolis has released the Half Panel ribbon. Reducing cost per print and reducing landfill. The Half-Panel YMCKO Colour Ribbon is a dye sublimation ribbon which has the same ink specifications as the Standard or Full Panel YMCKO Colour Ribbon used in plastic PVC ID card printing. The only difference between the Standard YMCKO Ribbon and the Half- Panel YMCKO Ribbon consists in the length of the Yellow, Magenta and Cyan panels which, for the Half-Panel, is half the length of the Standard Panel YMCKO Ribbon (see comparison below).

 Half Panel Ribbon info

Half Panel / Full Panel Comparison

Download Half Panel Colour Ribbon data sheet
Standard / Full YMCKO Ribbon

YMCKO panel lengths are 98mm

Standard full CMYKO
Half-Panel YMCKO Ribbon

YMC panel lengths are 49mm
Black(K) & Overlay(O) are 98mm

1:2YMCKO half panels ribbon

Personalise a pre printed plastic card

The half panel ribbon is ideal for ID card designs that require less than half the card printed in colour with an entire black panel to personalise text / barcode anywhere on the card.

1 - Pre-printed card


2 - Add data to the printed card


3 - Complete ID membership card



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Evolis half panel ribbons for personalising pre-printed cards
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